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Do the Houston Astros get a free pass?

MLB’s Evil Empire returns…

Baseball is back, and guess who else is back? The Houston Astros, the MLB’s sign-stealing champions, allegedly. 

For those who don’t know about the controversy surrounding the ball club, here is a quick recap.  Mike Fiers, current Oakland A’s pitcher, and former Houston Astro, revealed in an interview with The Atlantic that the Astros used a complex system that included cameras and trash cans, to steal signs during their 2017 World Championship season, and during the 2018 year as well. After the initial controversy around the MLB, people began connecting the dots, and further revelations came to light, like the trash can banging event that Danny Farquhar caught on to as the Chicago White Sox were playing at the Houston Astros home, Minute Maid Park. (WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS USED IN THE VIDEO)

Reactions to the Scandal

Players and coaches around the league were incensed about the Astros scandal, and the reactions ranged from a loss of respect to calls to strip the team of their World Series title. There’s also been growing outrage from previous players that were banned from the industry like Pete Rose, for good reason. Pete Rose was banned from the league for gambling but feels that he should be reinstated to the league as the MLB has allowed players involved in the cheating scandal to continue to play without punishment. The manager and GM of the Astros were suspended for a full year by the MLB, but several players allegedly involved in the scandal like Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and George Springer remain in the game and were granted “full immunity” as long as they were forthcoming about the cases.

Regardless of ” immunity” or not, the Astros still illegitimately made their way to the World Series, and unlike the Los Angeles Dodgers, their World Series opponent during their championship season in 2017, they received an unfair advantage during the season that got them to that point. In a sport that prides itself on integrity, it’s a mystery why the players allegedly involved in the cheating scandal have faced no punishment.

Will the Astros face further punishment?

With the country in a major pandemic, and even struggling to consider bringing baseball back to the forefront, the Astros have avoided receiving too much controversy as of late, but as the baseball season starts up again, that’s sure to change.    

Earlier this year in spring training, pitchers and fans alike let their complaints be heard, which you can watch below. It should serve as a reminder to the Astros that fans and players alike don’t take kindly to people cheating the system, and they might want to bulk up on protective gear next season.

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