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Crosstown Classic: COVID Edition

Image Courtesy of The Hub Chicago

Crosstown Rivalry

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox have had rivalry ever since the White Sox came into the league in 1894. Since 1870, the Cubs have won seven division titles and three world series’. Since 1894, the White Sox have won five division titles and three world series’ as well. The Crosston Classic has been around since 1985 and it’s something the fans look forward to. Whichever team wins, their fans always make sure they rub it in the other teams face.

COVID Edition

The year 2020 has been tough for many. For all sports, no fans are able to attend games which creates a unique atmosphere for professional athletes. This year’s Crosstown Classic will feature both teams keep a distance inside the dugout and players wearing masks. Anthony Rizzo may even be at first base, offering hand sanitizer. Also, some players, who are not playing, might even be in the stands to keep each other safe. A lot of people are used to seeing players spit seeds, share a water cooler, use the same Rosen bag, and give each other handshakes but this will take some getting used to.

Image Courtesy of CBS Chicago

Cubs vs White Sox

The White Sox have taken game one of the 2020 Crosstown Classic and it was a bad game for the Cubs. They lost 10-1 and Jon Lester struggled to miss the bats.

In game two, the Cubs made some adjustments with Kyle Hendricks leading them to victory.

Today, the Cubs will look to take game three of this classic with the other three games being played later on in the season. One of the key things the Cubs need to do is pitch well and stay away from the long ball. The White Sox have been hitting a lot of home runs in their past five games and this is something that could hurt the Cubs.

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