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Chicago White Sox: Looking at the Media Circus Regarding Bryce Harper

Clown Fiesta Regarding Bryce Harper

The White Sox appear to be one of the final teams left at the table to sign Bryce Harper. This should be good news for White Sox fans as they are waiting for the “big deal” of the offseason, however, the media wants fans to believe otherwise. Let’s take a look at the clown fiesta regarding Bryce Harper signing with the Chicago White Sox

Today two different sources gave “updates” on the Harper situation. ESPN’s Jeff Passan says that both the White Sox and Phillies are able to guarantee Harper a 10-year deal of $300 million or more. This should keep fans interested and happy as the Sox try to land Harper.

However, Bruce Levine claims that the White Sox are not willing to give Harper or Manny Machado more than seven years. This is completely different information than we have seen all offseason.

So Who To Believe?

Either way, this has thrown some Sox fans into a frenzy. Perhaps, that is the point. People all over Twitter and other social media platforms alike have been claiming they have sources and an inside track on the Bryce Harper signing. However, who can be believed? Well, nobody. Everyone can throw their hats in the ring regarding where, when and how much Harper will be signing for. It doesn’t matter. Until Harper puts pen to paper and signs a contract anyone can say what they want.

The Clown Fiesta Regarding Bryce Harper and The White Sox Goes On

A couple weeks ago so-called “reports” were thrown out claiming Harper was signing with the Dodgers by the end of the month, but that didn’t happen. As many White Sox fans already know, the media is trying to sway opinion and some Sox fans are not going to overreact to the “reports”.

However, looking at the Harper situation as a whole, it provides an interesting story. The White Sox as an organization have long been disrespected and straight up forgotten by news outlets in the past (looking at you ESPN). However, now that they are a potential target for Harper some members of the media have trashed the team.

Most notably was this video from CBS’s Adam Schein. He claims that if Bryce were to sign with the Sox it would be the worst decision of his life. That’s fine if that is his opinion, but the video is a clear attempt to stir that pot that is White Sox fans tired of being disrespected.

He claims that the White Sox are irrelevant despite having the most money to spend, an absolutely stacked farm system and a strong group of young players that are major league ready.

I am not here to say whether the Sox will or will not sign Bryce Harper. My message is simple, don’t believe anyone’s so-called sources. Don’t believe the writers claiming people in the industry have the answers. As White Sox fans, we should sit back, relax and strap it down for the 2019 season.


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