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Bobby Dalbec Is Heating Up At The Right Time For Boston

Bobby Dalbec

Red Sox rookie Bobby Dalbec has had a fairly good season in 2021 for a young player. Dalbec has struggled, especially with strikeouts. But when does connect with the ball chances are its long gone. As the season enters its final month, Dalbec now really seems to be getting to a groove.

Is Dalbec Playing For A Spot?

Dalbec has been a point of contention for Red Sox fans in the second half of the season. Some argue that Dalbec is just not ready yet for a full time spot in the line up. Others insist that Dalbec’s issues are just growing pains and they will iron out. Dalbec is a rookie after all do deserve a chance to prove themselves.

When the trade deadline was looming, there were heavy rumors saying the Red Sox were shopping for first baseman. Mainly the eventual Yankee, Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo would have 100% taken over Dalbec’s spot at first base. But the deadline came and went, and the Red Sox did not get Rizzo or a natural first baseman.

It seem as though the Dalbec question should have died with the trade deadline, but it did not. Despite Boston acquisition Kyle Schwarber having no real experience with first base, there is a lot of speculations and actual evidence that says the Red Sox may put him there eventually. Dalbec’s spot still is on the line. So absolutely Dalbec is playing to prove he deserves the spot he earned in 2021.

A Hot Bat Is Very Helpful

As mentioned, when Dalbec connects with a pitch, it has a high chance of leaving the park. But Dalbec is also quite eager to swing the bat, leading to plenty of strike outs. Recently though, Dalbec has been making the most out of his at bats. Seemingly every other game now, Dalbec is hitting homeruns.

Bobby Dalbec
Bobby Dalbec gives the Fenway crowd a curtain call after knocking in his 7th RBI of the game against the Twins. (Via Getty Images)

In Dalbec’s last seven games, he has a batting average of .421 with four home runs. In his last 15, he has seven home runs with an average of .381. This includes a seven-RBI game against Minnesota. Dalbec is clearly crushing it. And this could not come at a better time for both Dalbec and the Red Sox.

As the fight for the Wild Card and even the division draws to a close, the Red Sox need to be firing on all cylinders. Luckily, Dalbec already is. His play is not only helping the Red Sox in big spots, but it is also proving his worth to the team. If Dalbec keeps this up, its a safe bet that Dalbec will be Boston’s first baseman in 2022.

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