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Spring Training is Around the Corner

Spring Training is Around the Corner

Spring training is around the corner. With only a month to go, the anticipation is growing for baseball fans to see their teams in action. Here is what fans can look forward to.


Baseball of course! Pretty soon, fans will get to sit back, put their feet up, eat their snacks and watch some baseball. This can be done in the luxury of their home. Fans can get the best seats in their own home. Some believe that, but there is nothing like seeing the action up close and personal. Fans can get tickets to see their favorite team play.

For New York Yankee fans, two tickets go anywhere from $38 to $222 each. This is for the February 28 game against the Toronto Blue Jays in Tampa, FL, where the Yankees train. Depending on where a person wants to sit, depends on the cost of the ticket.

First and foremost though is that people will get to watch baseball. This is what matters the most about spring training approaching fast. There are other things that go with baseball that must be considered.



Spring Training is Around the Corner

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If a fan chooses to go to the game, he/she must naturally go to the concessions. Why would anyone who goes to a game, not go to concessions? Well, the cost is one of the reasons, but it just seems right to buy food and drinks at a ballgame.

It is important to choose wisely as to what to eat. It does depend on the person’s mood or craving. Hot dogs are always a top option, along with nachos. There are also burgers, chicken wings, pretzels, peanuts, fries, chicken fingers and ice cream, among other options.

To wash down the food, one must get a drink. Whether it is alcohol, soda, or water, the choice must be made as to what beverage to get.

Yes, it is true that concessions are expensive. In 2019, the average cost of a beer was $5.97. For a soft drink or a hot dog, the average costs were $4.60 and $4.95. Even if someone is paying $40 for a ticket, add on concessions items for a two to three-hour game and he/she will be spending at least $50. This is if the fan buys one drink and one hot dog, along with their ticket. Don’t forget the cost of parking which averages out to $16.32 per game.

Warmer Weather

A couple of months after the holiday season, people get to enjoy baseball. The best part about it is that the weather starts warming up. There are no more frozen toes or fingers. Some places do stay chilly, especially the high-elevation areas, the mountainous regions. Areas like these stay cold even at the start of spring. Baseball brings warmer weather. Once summer comes, it also brings in stormy weather.

In October when the playoffs start, the weather does get cold again. There were times it was snowing during some games. In the 1997 World Series, there were snow flurries in Cleveland during batting practice. Also, Game One of the 1979 World Series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates was canceled. This was the only game in World Series history to be canceled due to snow.

There were several weather delays since the beginning of baseball, but most of the time, good weather is something that people look forward to. Soaking in the sun while watching baseball is a delight.

There are so many reasons people look forward to spring training, whether it is the start of baseball, warmer weather, or eating and drinking favorite foods and beverages. The real question is will spring training happen this year? The MLB lockout is still looming and who knows what is going to happen with COVID still running rampant. Hopefully, everything gets sorted out and baseball will be back sooner rather than later. The fans want and need to see their teams back in action to vie for a World Series Championship.


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