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Another Yankees Blunder as Mets Steal Eric Chavez

Another Yankees Blunder as Mets Steal Eric Chavez

The New York Yankees have had a lot of failures since their loss to the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card last October. There have not been any significant acquisitions whatsoever. Now, another disappointment adds to it. Here is another Yankees blunder as Mets steal Eric Chavez.

The Failures

The Yankees have not signed anybody good at all. It is sad that they are sitting back, while great players are signing with other teams. There are only a few good players left to make deals with and who knows what is going to happen with that?

Right now, the only reason why Yankees are at a standstill is because MLB is in a lockout. Nothing can be done except hiring coaches and minor league contracts. This is understandable as to why nothing is happening, but where were the Yankees a couple of months ago?

The Yankees are in dire need of an outfielder, shortstop, catcher and pitcher. The Yankees seem to be set with Gary Sanchez for catcher and Kyle Higashioka as the backup. Other types of players are better because they can do more with the game of baseball. These types of players can hit, sacrifice bunt, steal, walk, hit in the clutch, etc. Players like Sanchez, Sanchez included, tend to either be either a hit or miss.

Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez was hired by the Yankees last month as an assistant hitting coach. Not even a month later, the New York Mets are looking to hire him as their new hitting coach. There is a history between Chavez and the Mets GM, Billy Eppler. Chavez worked under Eppler while with playing with the Yankees in 2011 and 2012. Chavez also worked as a special assistant under Eppler when Eppler was the GM of the Los Angeles Angels.

During his career, Chavez played for the Oakland Athletics, Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks from 1998-2014. He was drafted in the first round of the 1996 MLB Draft by the Athletics. He made his MLB Debut on May 8, 1995. What a special day!

Chavez’s career batting average is .268 with an OPS of .818. He played in 1,615 games with 1,477 hits, 260 home runs, 902 RBIs, 639 walks and 1,079 strike outs. He started his career with the A’s, played two years with the Yankees and then finished his career with Arizona.

Where’s the Punchline?

The Yankees have a lot to answer for since their silence in the trading world. Are the Yankees getting used to being the butt of the joke? It seems that either they don’t care, are not listening, or something is going on that nobody else is aware of. Maybe some people have it all wrong (not mentioning names). There could be some light at the end of the tunnel where the Yankees may actual pull the rabbit out of the hat. Maybe it was the Ace of Spades up their sleeve the whole time when everyone thought it was the Joker (not the card).

Baseball, if on cue, will be starting next month. Players will be playing their spring training games. This is if the lockout ends and don’t forget about COVID protocol. If things start happening to players and teams end up having to cancel games, that is another story. It has happened in the NHL where games were postponed. Hopefully, baseball will be in full swing, pun definitely intended. Otherwise, what would spring be without baseball? To sum it up, boring!



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