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A Pitching Rotation of Active Pitchers Age 35 or Older

A lot of different projected lineups are made within different categories, such as an all-decade team or the top players from a single organization all-time. One that is also made is a 25-years-old or younger team. What about a 35-years-old or older team? This article will put together a pitching rotation of active MLB pitchers age 35 or older.

Max Scherzer (35-Years-Old)

Max Scherzer is the ace of the squad. This easily could have gone to either Scherzer or his former teammate Justin Verlander. In every season since 2013, Scherzer has finished in the top five of the Cy Young voting for the league he was in at the time. He also won the award three times. Scherzer’s impressive resume also includes seven All-Star games, which are also consecutive since 2013.

In 2019, Scherzer won the World Series with the Washington Nationals. In the 2019 regular season, Scherzer had a 2.92 ERA in 172 1/3 innings pitched, striking out 243 hitters. Those strikeouts added to his career total, bringing it to 2,692 strikeouts. Even into his thirties, Max Scherzer is still performing on the bump.

Justin Verlander (37-Years-Old)

Justin Verlander

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Justin Verlander is also winning awards while into his thirties. He was the AL Cy Young runner-up in 2018, and he won the award in 2019. The current Astro posted a 2.58 ERA last season, while reaching 300 strikeouts in the regular season.

Verlander also has some solid Postseason statistics. In 187 2/3 innings pitched, he has a 3.40 ERA and a 1.066 WHIP. The eight-time All-Star is pitching some of his best innings as of late, and that as one of the oldest pitchers in the league.

Zack Grienke (36-Years-Old)

Verlander’s teammate Zack Grienke is old enough to make the list as well. The right-hander is currently with the Houston Astros, his sixth major league club. Last season was his first year with the team, and he gave the Astros some quality innings. He got traded near the deadline from the Diamondbacks. Grienke made 10 starts with Houston in the regular season. In those games, he had a 3.02 ERA and 52 punch outs. Grienke also made the All-Star game as a Diamondback for a third consecutive year in 2019.

Charlie Morton (36-Years-Old)

Statistically, Charlie Morton had one of the best years of his career in 2019. He pitched for the Rays, and he finished third for the AL Cy Young voting, a career best. Morton posted a 3.05 ERA last season, his lowest in a single season. The veteran made his second career All-Star game, making the roster in both 2018 and 2019. Morton also pitched five innings in the AL Wild Card game last season. He allowed just one unearned run. Morton pitched five innings in an ALDS game against the Astros as well, where he only allowed one run via the long ball.

Cole Hamels (36-Years-Old)

Chicago Cubs
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The 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels is fifth in this rotation. The only southpaw to make the list pitched for the Cubs in some of 2018, as well as 2019. In his time there, he has a 3.30 ERA and 217 strikeouts in 218 innings pitched. Hamels has showed some consistency throughout his career. An example is that he’s only posted an ERA above 4.00 in a single season once from 2010-through-2019 as he had a 4.20 ERA in 2017 with the Rangers.

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