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MLB: A Look at the Top of Every NL Team’s Christmas List

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Happy Holidays out there to everyone who celebrates. Even if they don’t, their team is still looking for a major piece to help them improve for 2019. Here is a list looking at what their top wish might be, and an article to help you pass the time over the holidays.

Arizona Diamondbacks- More Prospects

While they say they are retooling, this team could absolutely use more prospects. Currently, they have two on MLB.com’s top 100 list in Jon Duplantier and Taylor Widener, both right-handed pitchers. Beyond that, with their trade of Paul Goldschmidt it is clear that more trades need to come and more upper level prospects need to be on their way to the Arizona farm system.

Atlanta Braves- Craig Kimbrel

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This team surprised everyone when they won the NL East last season. This year teams will be expecting them to be even better. Bringing back future Hall of Famer Craig Kimbrel makes this team much better. Their bullpen was ranked 17th in the MLB with a 4.15 ERA last season. For a playoff team in the age of everyone spending big on bullpens, the Braves need to make this move. Especially considering the rumors that he has lowered his price tag.

Chicago Cubs- Patience

This Cubs team definitely played below expectations last year. Their big signing in the last offseason of Yu Darvish was an atrocity and Kris Bryant was hurt on and off for what seemed like most of the year. This team needs to be patient and not pull the panic button yet. They still have one of the best rosters in the league and everything that could have gone wrong last year did. If they can play even just a little bit better this year, this team should be playoff bound once again. Just be patient Cubs fans.

Cincinnati Reds- Corey Kluber

The two time Cy Young Award winner if just what the doctor ordered for the Reds. They need an ace so badly and it is clear that they are doing everything to make this team as ready as they can be for a run at the playoffs in 2019. With the big additions of Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood, Matt Kemp and Tanner Roark this team is clearly ready to win. If the Indians are serious about trading Kluber, which they seem to be, then their brethren down south will gladly take him off their hands. The only stumbling block could be if the Indians want Nick Senzel and only he will do. If that’s the case, the Reds may look elsewhere.

Colorado Rockies- Extend Nolan Arenado

Of course, this team needs pitching, it always does. With that being said, they also need Arenado. There’s no need to go in details of why he is worth it and that is exactly why the Rockies need to figure out an extension for the best third baseman in baseball. He will be pricey but, if the Reds could do it for Joey Votto then the Rockies can for Arenado.

Los Angeles Dodgers- Trade for J.T. Realmuto

Their big trade this past week was clearly the team clearing out room. While most believe it was for Harper, and it could be, it also could be more for the future and for the best catcher in baseball. The Dodgers still have a great outfield and while Harper would make it better, his price tag is still insane. Why not fill a need and still get the best player at their respective position in Realmuto? This would make a lot more sense and the Dodgers would be just as happy.

Miami Marlins- Get someone big for Realmuto

They have been in trade talks with just about everyone and anyone about Realmuto. This team is still doing their full rebuild as they do just about every decade and they have a lot of holes to fill. No matter what they need to hold on their superstar until they get exactly what they want. Someone will eventually bite, he is too big a piece for a potential playoff team to pass up on.

Milwaukee Brewers- Surprise everyone and get Kluber

Picture courtesy of the USA Today

This team can hit, there is no doubt about that. They also have an incredible bullpen and starting pitching that is still young. They need an anchor or an ace or whatever word suits them. Grabbing Kluber would make this already playoff caliber team ready to make a deep run in the playoffs. He wouldn’t come cheap but he would help make the Cardinals, Cubs and the rest of the National League very scared.

New York Mets- Start your rebuild

This team is one of the most frustrating teams in baseball. They are clearly trying to do what the Angels have been doing for the last few years and trying to spend money on players past their primes. Adding Cano, Ramos and Diaz while bringing back Familia definitely helps this team. That being said the Nationals, Phillies and Braves are all younger and arguably more talented. The Mets seem to be trying for one more push while it is more likely that, come the trade deadline, they will have their fire sale.

Philadelphia Phillies- Craig Kimbrel

It is no surprise that he will be at the top of any teams wish list. The Phillies have a clear need in the bullpen and adding Kimbrel helps to almost finalize this team. With Aaron Nola, Rhys Hoskins, Jean Segura, Jake Arrieta and Odubel Herrera leading the way this team could be pushing to win the NL East in 2019 by adding the future Hall of Famer.

Pittsburgh Pirates- Add Gio Gonzales

This team could use one more pitcher to help solidify their team. With Jameson Taillon and Chris Archer at the top, this team could absolutely make noise in a division that could end up being the toughest in baseball from top to bottom. Gonzales would not cost a lot and he wouldn’t be expected to pitch against the top tier guys very often. This sounds like a recipe for success heading into 2019.

San Diego Padres- Go get Stroman

(Photo Courtesy: Yahoo! Sports)

The Padres are also in the middle of their rebuild mode. While most people have not heard of many of their players or prospects this team could be the Astros here in the next couple of years. They are young and have the pieces to go out and make their splash in the pitching market. Grabbing Stroman as a buy-low option would be the perfect candidate as he theoretically wouldn’t cost them what Kluber might. If he could help to stabilize a young rotation the NL West, teams better look out as the Padres could surprise a lot of people this year.

San Francisco Giants- Rebuild now

If this team thinks they are going to be any better than they were last year then they are going to be very disappointed when 2019 is over. Instead, they need to go out and try to build another core like the one that won them three World Series in five years. This would include considering trading Buster Posey. There is no doubt that there are a good amount of teams that would pay a king’s ransom for him. If the Giants want any chance of being relevant in the next five years their rebuild needs to begin now.

St. Louis Cardinals- Sign Josh Harrison

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This team is used to seeing Harrison all over the diamond. They also are in need of a super utility man and Harrison offers that. He can play just about every position and still swings a solid bat. With mixing him in and around the lineup this Cardinals team will be as frightening as ever. Especially considering they stole their newest superstar Paul Goldschmidt right out from under the Diamondbacks’ noses.

Washington Nationals- Trade Michael Taylor

The Nationals look poised to make yet another playoff run next year. Just about every position is either a strength or has a young up and coming superstar in it. Sadly Michael Taylor does not have a spot on the roster right now. It is not because he isn’t good enough, it is because Victor Robles and Juan Soto have the potential to be top players in the MLB. Someone would love Taylor’s skill set and the Nationals could replenish some of their farm system to make sure that their machine doesn’t stop for many years to come.


What do you think of your team’s top wish from their Christmas list? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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