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Wizards of the Coast and Riot Games Partner Up for Arcane Secret Lair Drop

Arcane Secret Lair

Magic: The Gathering has been working hard to create crossover content for its fans in the form of Secret Lair drops. Wizards of the Coast has previously worked with The Walking Dead and Stranger things in order to make unique cards for players, and now they look to add one more big name to that list. On Wednesday November 17, Magic: The Gathering announced a new partnership with Riot Games and their show “Arcane” to create a brand new Secret Lair drop.

This new Secret Lair drop marks the third television show that has partnered with Magic: The Gathering. Arcane is a new show based on the world of League of Legends. At a glance, this Secret Lair will feature the prominent characters from the show Arcane, in a series of brand new Magic cards. These cards will most likely be legal in all eternal formats, allowing players to use their favorite Arcane characters as commanders. Arcane is wildly popular at the moment. It seems like an excellent choice for Magic and Riot to partner this way.

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This new product is incredibly fascinating, as Wizards of the Coast and Riot Games have recently become business competitors. With the introduction of Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games officially threw their hat into the Collectible Card Game arena. Legends of Runeterra aimed to be the middle ground between MTG and Hearthstone. This crossover presents a whole bundle of new opportunities between the two IPs, and players will have to wait and see how this will eventually all players out.

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