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When is the Streets of New Capenna Prerelease?

Streets of New Capenna is the newest set to enter Standard in 2022, and players can’t wait to see what sweet cards are on the docket. With spoiler season right around the corner, Magic players are going to be glued to Twitter and Reddit to just get a glimpse of what could be the next best card in Standard. Though no one truly knows which card will break the meta until they finally play the card. That’s where prerelease comes in.

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Prerelease is one of the most exciting times to be a Magic player, as everyone gets a chance to play the latest cards in a limited environment. Prerelease occurs a week before the official release, and this time around, stores will get the first look at New Capenna instead of Magic Arena. Players it’s time – prerelease is finally coming April 22.

Shortly after the in-store prerelease, Streets of New Capenna will be available on both Magic Arena and Magic Online. Wizards of the Coast changed up the ordering this time around in hopes to give a boost to the local game store near players. For a while, digital Magic got the first dibs on any new product. Mostly to drive players to the newest version of Magic. Now that stores are welcoming back players, Wizards wants to truly give stores a reason to have events again. The prerelease is also an amazing time to try out Magic for those new players, so grab a friend and check out the New Capenna prerelease.

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