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When is the New Capenna First Look Stream?

Standard sets move fast in the modern version of Magic: the Gathering. Kamigawa Neon Dynasty was a massive success in the eyes of the players. The draft environment was unique and interesting, and several cards have found themselves in both Standard and eternal formats. New Capenna might just have a hard time following up on the first set of the year.

Good news for players, everyone will get a sneak peek at the second set of 2022 on this week’s Weekly MTG. The New Cappen first look stream will go live at 2:30PST, 5:30EST on Thursday, March 3. In the first look stream, the Weekly MTG crew will discuss the story of New Capenna, some choices in design and potentially reveal a few new cards.

Players already know a few things about New Capenna that make it look like another exciting set for not only constructed play, but for draft as well. New Capenna is slated to be a “wedge set”, meaning the theme of the set is focused around three-color tribes. Magic players have seen sets like this in the past in Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir. Three-color sets are always a blast, and players can always expect something interesting in the draft environment.

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New Capenna does not have an exact release date as of today, but audiences will surely know more in the coming weeks after the First Look stream. Standard sets typically release every three months, meaning players could see New Capenna sometime in May.

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Triome Cycle Will be Completed in Streets of New Capenna March 3, 2022 at 6:40 pm

[…] [Related: When is the New Capenna First Look Stream?] […]


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