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When is the New Capenna Alchemy Release Date?

Despite the backlash and the general negative attitude towards the format, Alchemy is still getting plenty of love from the Magic Arena team. On Wednesday May 25, the official Magic Arena twitter announced the release date for the Strees of New Capenna Alchemy expansion.

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Players can get access to the newest set of Alchemy when the set drops on June 2. The newest addition to the Alchemy card pool follows the release of Streets of New Capenna proper. Since the introduction of Alchemy, supplemental Alchemy sets have been released following the most recent Standard set. The latest batch of Alchemy cards are sure to capture the same feel and flavor as the traditional Streets of New Capenna set.

The introduction of Alchemy as a format was met with immediate resistance from the Magic community. Players were worried about Alchemy being another cash-grab for Wizards of the Coast. Players can only grab these cards through packs, where as other cards can be obtained through drafts or sealed events. The difference between to two avenues is that players can earn rewards in events that could be turned into something else. Cracking open packs is just a waste of gold and gems.

It didn’t help that the first iteration of Alchemy cards were absurdly busted. Several cards received nerfs quickly after the release of Alchemy Innistrad. However the second set, Alchemy Neon Dynasty, was vastly weaker. The disparity between the sets hints that the dev team are just trying to figure out the power level for Alchemy.

Players can check out the latest addition to Alchemy when Alchemy New Capenna releases June 2.


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