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When is the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Reveal Stream?

And the spoiler season just keeps on coming.

While the release of Alchemy for Magic Arena may have been the last set of the year, Wizards already has people looking forward to 2022. On Wednesday December 15, the official Magic: The Gathering account revealed that this week’s WeeklyMTG stream will contain spoilers for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. The first look for Neon Dynasty will be Thursday, December 16. Neon Dynasty is the newest Standard set that is slated to release in early January.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty brings players back to a plane that many have wanted to revisit. A world once ravaged by a war between spirits and humans, now returns as a flourishing futuristic landscape. The first time players ventured to the plane of Kamigawa there were several mechanics people loved. Unfortunately there were also plenty of gameplay issues that plagued Kamigawa. It was a set that had players in love with the story, but a bit dissatisfied with the card choices.

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Players are excited to see some new cards enter the Standard format. At the moment, players are bit disinterested with a stale meta. The new format Alchemy was Wizards’ answer to the problem, however it didn’t solve the problem for players who still play tabletop Magic. Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty will add plenty of new options for Standard players. There are still some tribes that haven’t received as many tools as werewolves or vampires, so Kamigawa can be that set that brings some extra care to the less loved tribes.

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