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When is the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Preview Stream?

Midnight Hunt Preview

September is just around the corner, and with each passing day Magic players inch just that much closer to a brand new set. Innistrad: Midnight Hunt arrives later on in the month but audiences want to know what they can fully expect as Standard rotates. Last week during the Magic Showcase 2021 stream, Wizards highlighted some exciting new features that are coming along with the release of Midnight Hunt. However there’s really only one players want to see – the cards themselves. Luckily for players, that’s exactly what they will get later this week during the Midnight Hunt Preview stream.

The Midnight Hunt Preview stream airs on Thursday September 2, at noon EST. The preview stream will focus on breaking down the story of Midnight Hunt, and describing what players can expect to see from their favorite characters. The newest iteration of Innistrad is shaping up to be vastly different than the last visit to the plane. Now with both Avacyn and the eldrazi gone, the plane of Innistrad can begin to rebuild again. That is, until the werewolves decide it’s their turn to rule the plane.

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More importantly, players can expect a few new cards to be revealed during the Midnight Hunt preview stream. The stream should focus on new and returning mechanics that will appear in the set. Obviously the best way to introduce any new keyword would be to display it on a new card. The Midnight Hunt preview stream is sure to have a handful of new cards for players to check out. After the stream, the Midnight Hunt spoiler season officially begins.

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