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When is the Double Masters 2022 Release Date?

Double Masters 2022 Release Date

Masters sets are one of the best ways for Wizards of the Coast to reprint cards that are in desperate need of a price reduction. In the past, Wizards has reprinted key cards in various formats in Masters sets in order for more players to gain access to those cards. The most egregious reprint of late has been of Tarmogoyf –  a former format staple in both Modern and Legacy. Sometimes people would need a double-take to make sure which Masters set their Tarmogoyf came from.

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Speaking of double-takes, it looks like its time for Wizards to double up on one of their recent additions to the Masters set cycle. Double Masters 2022 is the newest entry to the supplemental set line up, and it serves as a sequel to the 2020 Masters set with the same name. But when is the release date?

Double Masters 2022’s release date is July 8. 

Right now, there have not been any hints to what cards will be in the set. Fans of the previous set will remember that the Double Masters set is focused around counters, tokens and doubling things up. The previous set was very artifact focused, with several artifact combinations in a few color pairings. Double Masters 2022 may look to change things up from the last iteration.

Double Masters 2022 can reprint a card from any set, given the card is not on the Reserve List. There is a chance that this set could include some expensive cards from Modern Horizons 2. Players will be waiting for the first set of reveals to set the tone for the rest of the spoiler season.


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