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When Does Throne of Eldraine Rotate Out of Standard?

Throne of Eldraine Rotate

Throne of Eldraine is by far one of the most polarizing Magic: the Gathering sets to release in the past few years. Fans loved the idea of a classic “fairy tale” aesthetic when the set was first revealed. Players couldn’t wait to get their hands on these new cards with brand new mechanics. “Food” was new and interesting when it was first revealed, and players were curious to see how it would play out in standard.

Little did everyone know, that Throne of Eldraine would be one of the most powerful standard sets to enter the format.

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The new “Adventure” mechanic dominated standard. Food was powerful, and often times almost too synergistic with already powerful cards. And of course, there was Oko – and planeswalker so powerful that it was banned in almost every eternal format as well as standard. Almost every deck featured several cards from Eldraine, and players were quickly burnt out. Even competitive players are sick of seeing their card get shot down by Bonecrusher Giant.

End of the Eldraine Reign
Throne of Eldraine Rotate
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

The good news for players, is that Throne of Eldraine will be gone in just a short month. With the release of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, players can say goodbye to everything Eldraine. September 24, is when Throne of Eldraine will rotate out of standard. Both casual and competitive players can now queue up in Magic Arena and be safe knowing that a Lovestruck Beast won’t come down on turn 3. Standard rotation is finally around the corner.

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