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When Does the Magic World Championship Start?

Magic World Championship

The MPL has come to a close for the 2021 season, and players have fought hard through the various Gauntlet tournaments. 16 of the top players from around the world have qualified for the biggest tournament of the year. The Magic World Championship is here to finally prove who is the best player this year.

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Magic World Championship
Courtesy of Magic Esports

On Friday October 8, tune into the Magic World Championship as the top players across the MPL, Rivals, and Challengers leagues face off in the biggest bracket of the year. The competition is fierce, but all eyes will be on the last year’s champion Paolo Vitor Damo da Rosa. PVDDR piloted a UW Control deck to take home the top spot, and even had a card made with his likeness on Elite Spellbinder.

This year players will be competing in two formats. The first will be Midnight Hunt draft, where players will draft in two eight-person pods and construct decks to play against one another. So far players feel as though they have “solved” the Midnight Hunt limited environment, but players at the highest level usually find new angles to attack from in these high-stakes tournaments.

Along with a Midnight Hunt draft, players will compete in a Standard format bracket. The new Standard meta is constantly evolving, and these pros have surely been testing a handful of decks in hopes to find the right list for World’s. All signs point to a slower meta game for Standard, but once again anything is possible when the pros are given plenty of time to theory craft and test.

Make sure to tune in to the Magic World Championship on October 8 through October 10 on

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