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When does the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoiler Season Start?

Just as one spoiler season ends, another kicks off right behind it. Kamigawa Neon Dynasty is on it’s way to players and Wizards has revealed the timeline for important happenings after the new year. Wizards looks to be highlighting the story of Neon Dynasty early in 2022, featuring three separate events focused around the lore. The key date players will want to remember is January 27, when the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty spoiler season officially starts.

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Wizards of the Coast is taking a different approach to revealing Neon Dynasty. Instead of hopping right into that cards, WOTC has decided to take it’s time and give plenty of love to the rich story of Kamigawa. Players have grown incredibly fond of the rich history of Kamigawa. Despite all of its gameplay errors, Kamigawa persisted as one of the most requested planes to be revisited.

Once the Magic design team has finishing diving into the rich background, it’ll be time to look at the new cards. The “Kamigawa Debut Day” is the official start of the spoiler season. However on the Weekly MTG stream, Blake Ramussen hinted at a possibility that cards may be slowly revealed through the holiday season. In the past Wizards has indeed revealed new cards during the weeks after Christmas and before the new year. Players should be keeping tabs on their favorite content creators, as they just may have a few early spoilers to share.

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty is the first set in 2022. It will be the newest Standard set, and will also come with new Commander decks.

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