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What is the Strixhaven Release Date?

Strixhaven Release Date

Strixhaven is the absolute premier school for the best and bright mages on the plane of Arcavios. Students can expect to learn everything that makes a great mage. Starting from the most basic spells and advancing to intricate incantations, Strixhaven is the pinnacle of arcane arts. Fans of Magic are slowly seeing some of the latest cards from the newest set, but they will still have wait for the official release date for their Strixhaven acceptance letters.

Strixhaven Release Date

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

As with most other sets, there is a small delay between the start of spoiler season and the official release date. Spoiler season typically goes on for two weeks with one week of downtime before players can start playing the new set. Strixhaven will be available on Magic: the Gathering Arena and Magic: Online starting April 15. Then the following week players will get a chance to play prerelease events from April 16 to April 22. Finally, Strixhaven will be fully released on April 23.

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Strixhaven will feature five schools with separate color pairings to represent their different teachings. Already the spoiled cards from the college Lorehold have ventured into some interesting design space for the red and white color pairing. Players can expect plenty more unique effects and cards from the rest of the colleges as the spoiler season continues to reveal more cards.

With four schools left to discover and plenty of time before the official release, fans are eagerly awaiting the next batch of card reveals. Check in with the MTG twitter for the latest news and information.

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