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What is the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Release Date?

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Release Date

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty is the highly anticipated addition to Standard. Scheduled for an early 2022 release, Neon Dynasty is the first of four new Standard sets slated for 2022. Players can’t wait to get their hands on the newest batch of cards. Luckily Magic players won’t have to wait long. The Kamigawa Neon Dynasty release is set for a worldwide release on February 18.

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Though the offiicial release won’t be until February, players can get a head start on Kamigawa when it releases online. The early online release for both Magic Arena and Magic Online is February 10. Players can see the entire set a week before the online release as well. On February 4, the complete card image gallery is available up on the official Magic website.

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty takes place nearly 1000 years in the future, after the events of Saviors of Kamigawa. The Kami and the rest of the world have begun to live in harmony after the vicious battling years before. The story follows a young planeswalker Kaito Shizuki as he sets out to find his friend, the emperor. Kaito has his work cut out for him if he wants to see is quest all the way through.

Join Kaito and his mecha-tanuki friend Himoto as they explore the futuristic landscape of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. Kamigawa Neon Dynasty release in February, giving players plenty of time to save up gold and gems for the eventual release.

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