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What is the Jumpstart: Historic Horizons Release Date?

When Jumpstart was introduced to Magic: The Gathering, it was an immediate hit. Both paper and Arena players quickly picked up as many packs as they could and got to jamming hundreds of games. The mixed packs were a great way to keep each deck fresh and exciting. The pre-made decks also gave newer players a chance to try out some truly powerful cards while learning the game. People loved Jumpstart, and almost immediately players began to wonder when they would see a new version of the supplemental product.

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Sure enough, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons was announced in late July. This time around however Historic Horizons is only available on Magic Arena. The new set also contains brand new, online only, mechanics for players to build around. Overall the excitement for the new Jumpstart set is high, but everyone will have to wait a bit longer for it’s release.

New Release Date

After initially set for an August 10 release, the new Historic Horizons release date is August 26. The release date has been pushed back over concerns about getting the release just perfect for players on day one. With any new set, there are bound to be some bugs. However it is clear that Wizards is a bit worried about the new online-only mechanics in this set. Cards with ‘Seek’ or ‘Conjure” are sure to cause some problems in a game as complex as Magic.

Although most players don’t mind waiting, the delayed Historic Horizons release hurts the competitive Magic scene. Players are now forced to play Standard for one last Gauntlet run. The initial hope was to have players play Historic featuring the latest cards in the set, but with the release delayed by two weeks, pros are getting ready to face off against the same Standard decks one last time.

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