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What is the Dungeons and Dragons Magic Set Release Date?

Dungeons Dragons Magic Set

The Summer of Legend is coming in big with another exciting new set for Magic: the Gathering. Already Wizards announced the highly anticipated release date for Modern Horizons 2, and now they are ready to share their plans for the next set for Standard. The Dungeons and Dragons Magic set, Adventures of the Forgotten Realms, was announced to be coming later this summer.

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Players can get their hands on the new Dungeons and Dragons Magic set July 23. Previews for Adventures of the Forgotten Realms start June 29, and Magic Online players get the chance to try out the newest set July 8. For tabletop players and Magic Arena players, prerelease weekend kicks off the following week on July 16.

Dungeons Dragons Magic Set
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Adventures of the Forgotten Realms is a Magic set that is a love letter to the popular RPG game Dungeons and Dragons. Players can expect plenty of familiar themes and tropes from D&D to appear in Magic’s newest standard set. Already Wizard’s has showcased a few cards like Portable Hole and Power Word Kill that highlight just how tightly entwined this set is to the core of D&D. With innkeepers and dragon gods revealed as well, it looks like players will certainly get that adventuring feel.

The latest set comes off the heels of Strixhaven – a set that didn’t change much for standard. The overall power of Strixhaven seemed to be toned down. Adventures of the Forgotten Realms could be a chance to bring the power back up a bit in hopes to have more playable cards against format staples. Though given recent history, it looks like Wizard’s may want to have cards be a little weaker.

Make sure to pick up the Dungeons and Dragons Magic set when it releases July 23.

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