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What Formats are the MTG Stranger Things Cards Legal?

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Over the past year, Wizards of the Coast has released cards in a brand new series called “Secret Lair”. The goal of this product is to release cards in a way that allows Wizards to provide unique takes on Magic cards. More often than not, Secret Lair drops are specifically used to release popular cards with brand new art into the market. The other exciting aspect of the Secret Lair drops are the unique cards that feature prominent characters from other media. The “Universe Beyond” cards began with the introduction of The Walking Dead themed cards, and now players can get their hands on cards inspired by the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

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These Secret Lair drops are only available for a limited time, and are offered on a pre-order waiting list. The limited release of these cards guarantees that these singles are incredibly valuable for not only collector’s, but for players too. Because these are supplemental products, and actual Magic cards, there are formats where these cards are playable.

What Formats are the Stranger Things Cards Legal?

When Secret Lair TWD was revealed, players weren’t sure where they would even be able to play these new cards. Then again, there were players that realized immediately just how game-changing these Secret Lair cards could be in certain formats. Secret Lair cards are legal in Legacy, Vintage and Commander. In fact, cards like Rick, Steadfast Leader have already seen play in Legacy decks.

The latest Stranger Things cards seem to be geared more towards Commander than the other eternal formats. This is good news for players who were worried about the power level of the Secret Lair cards. The combination of exclusivity and power makes cards insanely expensive for players.

The Secret Lair drop for the Stranger Things bundle ends soon. Players have until November 15 to grab their preorder. 

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