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Triome Cycle Will be Completed in Streets of New Capenna

The next on the Magic: The Gathering roadmap pivots to a vastly different environment from Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. From a future setting to a more “Roaring 20’s” vibe, the newest set is Streets of New Capenna. New Capenna is a plane that is controlled by several factions, each with different ideas of how to gain power and notoriety. From a story standpoint, players will have to wait just a bit to hear more about what is going down in the mean streets of the newest plane.

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In the mean time, Weekly MTG gave audiences some early previews to some cards that will appear in New Capenna. The cover art features a very familiar face, but that wasn’t what players were looking forward to the most. Once it became known that this set would be a three-color set, every Magic player realized they would be getting a welcome surprise – a return of the “Triome” lands.

The Cycle is Complete

The Triome lands were first seen in Ikoria, another three-color set that desperately needed a strong manabase for the limited environment. Not only do these lands produce one of three different colors, they can be cycled away in the later stages of the game. The Triomes in Ikoria were heavily played in standard thanks to their flexibility.  Players new it was only a matter of time before they came back with the rest of the three-color shards.

In New Capenna, we see the shards originally showcased in Shards of Alara. Completing the cycles helps players in every format. New Capenna will have lands that make Bant, Jund, Grixis, Esper and Naya colors. Commander players are surely extra excited to have another land they can fetch early on in the game. As for Standard, players can be certain to craft these right away on MTG Arena.

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