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Top 5 Crimson Vow Commander Cards

Commander is by far one of the most played formats in Magic. It allows for unique deck building opportunities, and for players to truly express themselves through their commander choices. Whenever a new set comes along, players are always on the lookout for new potential Commander playables. Crimson Vow is here, and there are plenty of excellent additions to slot into any Commander deck. Here are the top 5 Crimson Vow Commander Cards.

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5. Hullbreaker Horror

Hullbreaker Horror

Anytime there is a new blue card with a whole bunch of text, Commander players are bound to try to find a way to slot it into a new deck. Hullbreaker Horror is a big fish, but there aren’t going to be many times where it will get to swing in to attack. See the massive 7/8 horror has one important line of text – “Whenever you cast a spell”. If there is a cast trigger in Commander, it will be broken.

This kraken is just asking for a player to storm off. The ability to bounce back zero-mana permanents is a dangerous power. A player can reach a storm count that will easily allow for an instant win with Hullbreaker Horror on the battlefield. Flashing this creature in on an opponent’s end step means that a player will have access to all of their mana for their whole turn. Making it uncounterable is just gravy.

4. Archghoul of Thraben

Archghoul of Thraben

Talk about a value train. Archghoul of Thraben is just one of those cards that become an auto-include for a certain tribal deck. This card gives Zombie decks even more card selection, as if black decks needed any more help. Archghoul combined with a sacrifice outlet creates an amazing amount of draw in a dedicated zombie deck, helping those lists find the answers they need faster.

Interestingly enough, this zombie is also a cleric. Clerics as a tribe have some of the most surprisingly strong synergies in Commander. While certain cleric decks won’t get the “zombie” bonus from this card, dictating the top card of the library is always very strong. Archghoul of Thraben is a slam-dunk of an addition to many commander decks.

3. Olivia, Crimson Bride

Crimson Vow Commander Cards

Olivia may be married, but she still has time to cause some havoc as a commander. Reanimation strategies are always strong in commander, but Olivia brings a new angle to the archetype. Players can choose to pivot away from early game shenanigans and lean into a more explosive, potentially one-turn win with commander damage. Though for some, that may be a bit too convoluted. The easier route is to simply reanimate one of the massive eldrazi targets and call it a day. Either way, Olivia is a fun new option for players looking for a new reanimation commander or vampire commander.

2. Grolnok, the Omnivore

Crimson Vow Commander Cards

Commander players love that first line of text. As one might expect, having effects that occur on each players turn is insanely good in multiplayer formats. Toxrill serves as a slow boardwipe that builds up potential draws for later turns. In a way weird, Toxrill is a way to generate clue tokens in Sultai colors. Toxrill is a perfect answer for go-wide strategies when those boardwipes are stuck at the bottom of the deck.

Toxrill’s combat stats are no joke either. There are times when the board stays empty, and there isn’t much to do. Luckily Toxrill is a 7/7 and with three quick combat steps, it can deal the necessary 21 commander damage to knock out an opponent.

1. Kaya, Geist Hunter

Crimson Vow Commander Cards

Doubling Season is one of the clear staples in any token-base commander deck. So realistically, why not have another copy that also comes down a turn earlier? At a first glance, plenty of players will assumed that Kaya is here to just double any creature token but truly Kaya is so much more than that. Clues, Blood, Food – players can be she is going to double them up.

Best of all, Kaya is the catalyst to push through plenty of damage thanks to her +1 ability. Granting an army of tokens deathtouch allows them to push through that last bit of lethal damage, or force an opponent to sacrifice their much better creatures to survive. The ultimate won’t really come into play that much, but if Kaya is able to get to six loyalty in commander, she will easily produce an entire army of spirits to put pressure on each other player.

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