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Top 5 Cards From Modern Horizons 2 That Are Sure Impact Modern

Top Cards Modern Horizons 2

Modern Horizons 2 may just be one of the best supplemental Magic sets to come out in the past few years. The cards themselves are fun and interesting, and there are plenty of playable cards for several different formats. With the focus on Modern, there are a handful of cards that truly stand out from the crowd. These five cards are destined to make a massive impact in the Modern meta almost instantly.

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5. Dauthi Voidwalker


Get used to seeing this card coming in after game 1. Dauthi Voidwalker does everything a hate-card needs to do, and even a little bit more. Even though there are a ton of ways to interact with opponents’ graveyards, this card may be the best option to date. Dauthi Voidwalker is just incredibly efficient at it’s cost. Black decks no longer need to even have Leyline of the Void in their sideboards because this card just does it’s job better.

What really puts this card over the top is it’s first line of text. A near unblockable 3/2 can often be a game changer in some matchups. Shadow is surprisingly strong in the current state of Modern as it allows Dauthi Voidwalker to sneak past all the familiar creatures in the format. It’s a real threat that can get in for plenty of damage before eventually eating a removal spell. There aren’t many hate cards that can become a deck’s win condition, making Dauthi Voidwalker a unique dual-threat. 

4. Ignoble Hierarch

The newest member of the Hierarch family is here and ready to accelerate some powerful three drops. Ignoble Hierarch is an interesting card that can promote some different types of deckbuilding to capitalize on its unique mana generation. Many players will try to jam this card into the more classic version of Jund  and will surely enjoy a turn 3 Liliana of the Veil. Some will simply just enjoy having Tarmogoyf grow a bit stronger with the Exalted trigger each combat phase. Even though it isn’t the best hit off of a Bloodbraid Elf Cascade trigger, Ignoble Hierarch could be a solid add to an evergreen deck. 

Although brewers may find this card pivotal in crafting some brand new types of Jund decks in Modern. Ignoble Hierarch could be used to accelerate into larger creatures in some sort of Dragons-type list, or even create a new variant of a Collected Company deck that focuses on red and black creatures. The power of this card comes from its flexibility and its simplicity.

3. Grief

Top Cards Modern Horizons 2

Throughout the spoiler season for Modern Horizons 2, there wasn’t a card that immediately stuck out to players quite like Grief. Players instantly realized the power of this card the moment they saw the Evoke cost. Thoughtseize is a powerful card in Modern. Making Thoughtseize free is almost backbreaking for anyone on the other side of the table. Then to staple a free thoughtseize onto an elusive creature, it seems just like overkill. Wizards must have only hoped that it would take Modern players some time to break it. 

Well, it almost took no time at all. The day the card was revealed, almost everyone mentioned it’s incredible synergy with Ephemerate. On turn 1 players could play a white source, evoke Grief, and with the evoke trigger on the stack, cast Ephemerate targeting the Grief. For three cards, you force your opponent to discard three cards while you come away with a 3/2 menace creature. It may not be exciting to be on the receiving end of a Grief/Ephemerate combo, but it will be the focus for plenty of midrange players in the near future.

2. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Top Cards Modern Horizons 2

Magic’s favorite monkey pirate is looking to steal the hearts of Modern players everywhere. This one-mana red drop is one of the strongest players have seen in quite some time. Apparently it wasn’t enough to have it “steal” cards from the opponent, it also needed to help itself cast those stolen goods. If an opponent doesn’t have removal straight away to deal with Ragavan, they are going to have a horrible time dealing with the card advantage it provides. 

The real cherry on top is the ability to Dash in Ragavan when the time is right. Dash as a mechanic is really powerful in aggressive decks, as it allows creatures to get in for damage and avoid dying to sorcery-speed removal. If an opponent forgets to leave back a blocker, Ragavan can swing in quickly and potentially find that card that can turn the tide of the match.

1. Urza’s Saga

Top Cards Modern Horizons 2

How many times are Wizard’s going to print a free spell and be surprised that it is unbelievably busted? Last time players got their hands on a fresh Modern Horizon’s set, Hogaak ran rampant through the competitive scene. The card existed for just a month until it received a ban. Now with Modern Horizon’s 2, Modern players get to play with another overloaded card in Urza’s Saga. 

As a whole, lands are incredibly difficult to make powerful while not being overpowered. Cards like Dark Depths and Field of the Dead were too oppressive to leave unbanned in Modern as they are essentially zero-cost win conditions for blazingly fast decks. Urza’s Saga may not combo like those two cards, but it does provide insane value from a land that will force plenty of decks to play it. It’s a powerful control finisher that even finds more copies of itself when paired with Expedition Map.

Urza’s Saga might stick around for quite some time, because the format may not figure out the power of the card right away. However it won’t be shocking to hear that the card is banned in the near future thanks to its massive flexibility and value coming from a land slot. Even with all the interesting rares and mythics in the set, it looks like it may be the land saga that becomes the most played card from MH2.

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