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Top 3 Standard 2022 Decks for the MTGA Ranked Ladder

Standard 2022 Decks

Step aside traditional Standard, a new format is here to take over. Standard 2022 is a new format created specifically for Magic Arena, and players are loving the latest game mode. The idea of Standard 2022 is to allow players to play with the newest sets in Standard, without having to battle the current best decks in the format. Luckily these Standard 2022 decks feature plenty of the exciting AFR cards. With its own ranked option, here are the most common Standard 2022 decks players will encounter in competitive game modes.

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Mono Green Beatdown
Standard 2022 Decks
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast
Standard 2022 decks
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

4x Werewolf Pack Leader
4x Kazandu Mammoth
4x Swarm Shambler
4x Old-Growth Troll
4x Tangled Florahedron
2x Oran-Rief Ooze

Non-Creature Spells
4x Blizzard Brawl
4x Eiseka’s Chariot
4x Snakeskin Veil
4x Ranger’s Class

16x Snow-Covered Forest
4x Faceless Haven
4x Lair of the Hydra

There are a few constants in Magic: the Gathering. Your opponent always has it, you never pay for Rhystic Study and mono-green beatdown is the strongest deck in a new standard. For a while now green has been on the receiving end of some of the strongest cards in the game. The Standard 2022 version of mono-green looks to use the powerful new two-drop Werewolf Pack Leader to put pressure on early, while drawing cards late.

A couple cards that are allowing the deck to punch up its weight class are Snakeskin Veil and Blizzard Brawl. Snakeskin Veil has been one of the most obnoxious cards to play around in quite some time. There have been plenty of variations on this card before, but the removal spells in Standard 2022 are much weaker with the rotation. On the flip side, Blizzard Brawl is an excellent one-mana answer to a stalled board state. Mono-green is a great option for players who want straight forward game plans and quick matches.

BW Midrange Angels

4x Luminarch Aspirant
4x Youthful Valkyrie
4x Righteous Valkyrie
4x Skyclave Apparition
2x Legion Angel
Non-Creature Spells
3x Rampage of the Valkyries
4x Firja’s Retribution
4x Portable Hole
4x Starheim Unleashed
2x Vanishing Verse
1x Inscription of Ruin
8x Snow-Covered Plains
8x Snow-Covered Swamp
4x Faceless Haven
4x Cave of the Frost Dragon

A deck that has been so close to relevant finally gets a chance. Angel decks have been strong in Historic for some time, but they never could make a splash in Standard. The BW Angels deck didn’t receive much of support from AFR, but really it benefitted from the removal of Throne of Eldraine and Ikoria. However the deck did welcome in Portable Hole as its premier early game removal spell. Without Heartless Act and Eliminate, the deck would typically struggle against early-game aggressive decks.

BW Angels wants to control the mid-game with a combination Starheim Unleashed and Firja’s Retribution. The two heavy hitters can win the game on the spot, assuming the opponent fails to find a wrath in time. Righteous Valkyrie and Youthful Valkyrie come together to create a real clock. Vanishing Verse helps handle any large mono-colored planeswalker like Liliana or Loleth, and Luminarch Aspirant is just great. Midrange players will love this angel-filled deck list.

UR Dragons

4x Goldspan Dragon
3x Galazeth Prismari
4x Iymrith, Desert Doom
Non-Creature Spells
4x Expressive Iteration
4x Saw it Coming
4x Alrund’s Epiphany
3x Behold the Multiverse
4x Frostbite
4x Dragon’s Fire
2x Magma Opus
8x Snow-Covered Island
9x Snow-Covered Mountain
4x Faceless Haven
3x Hall of Storm Giants
What would be a Dungeons and Dragons Standard without some dragons to battle? The UR Dragons deck is back from the current Standard with a few new tools. The deck loses Brazen Borrower and Bonecrusher Giant, but it gain’s more slots for Alrund’s Epiphany and a new finisher in Iymrith, Desert Doom. Goldspan Dragon is the star of the show here, and it alone can be enough to cause the opponent to concede.
To defend the dragons on the board is an arsenal of removal spells and extra turns. Early turns are dedicated to setting up the suite of Foretell cards for later in the game. Discarding Magma Opus helps ramp up into the expensive dragons, and Galazeth proves to be a formidable wall for small creatures. UR Dragons is the slowest deck of the bunch, but it plays extremely well into plenty of the aggro decks that are running rampant in best-of-one queues. Once the best-of-three format comes along, this deck will prove to be even more powerful once it can side in answers to problematic decks.

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Featured image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

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