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Streets of New Capenna Announced as the Spring Set for 2022

Earlier this week, Wizards of the Coast featured an hour long stream detailing their plans for the 2022 year. The showcase stream revealed the timeline of four brand new sets for standard. After players travel back to Kamigawa for the first time in years, Wizards has revealed a brand new plane for everyone to explore. The retro-mob inspired set is gearing up to be one of the more unique experiences in 2022.

Keep a friend close when it’s time to walk through the Streets of New Capenna.


New Capenna
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Streets of New Capenna is an original new set that brings players to a brand new world of New Cappena. Here in New Capenna, the city is a battleground for feuding gangs, all of which are battling for supremacy. As with any plane in Magic: The Gathering, these aren’t typical mob families. New Capenna is run by various demon crime families. The city once build by angels is facing some truly dark times.

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Magic developers on stream mentioned that New Capenna is takes it’s themes from noir-mobster style movies. It’s a brand new environment that notably is important to Elspeth. Players will find out soon enough what that truly means for the returning character. New Capenna is also a set that appears to be a new multi-color set. With three-color crime families, New Capenna is looking to be a new shard-set.

Audiences can get their trench coats and bowler hats ready for when Magic heads to the Streets of New Capenna after Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in early 2022.

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