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Magic: The Gathering Arena Introduces New Format “Alchemy”

On Thursday December 2, the Magic: The Gathering team unveiled a brand new format for players to experience on Magic Arena. The latest format, titled “Alchemy”, will feature Standard sets in a whole new way. Not only will Alchemy consist of all Standard-legal cards, but it will also be the home of a new digital-only feature of re-balancing Standard cards. The MTG team wanted to offer a new way of playing Standard while also utilizing the digital aspect of Arena. Alchemy will hit Magic Arena next week on Thursday, December 9.

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New Cards, and New Packs

Alchemy joins the list of new formats alongside Historic on Magic Arena. Interestingly enough, although Alchemy aims to be a different variant of Standard, the format may affect Historic in a much larger way.

Rebalanced Standard cards are also planned to be rebalanced in Historic as well. This means that prominent Standard cards will be adjusted slightly for the Historic format. Cards like Alrund’s Epiphany and Goldspan Dragon are two cards that are already receiving the rebalance treatment.

Players will also have access to grab all-new Alchemy packs. To kick it off, players can grab packs of Alchemy: Innistrad to begin expanding on their collections. Alchemy: Innstrad is a all new supplemental set that features around sixty new cards. These new cards are bringing back digital only keywords that first made their debut in Jumpstart Historic Horizons. Magic players can expect to see the classic digital keywords like “perpetual” and “conjure”. Some cards also contain the keyword “draft”, a new word to describe the ability on Davriel, Soul Broker that allows other spells to feature a similar mechanic.

Magic Arena Alchemy will be available to all players December 9.

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