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Magic Players Will be Venturing for Value with the New Card Type “Dungeon”

New Card Type Dungeon

It looks like Magic: the Gathering is taking players to some familiar ground. In the newest expansion for Magic, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, players will get their hands on some brand-new cards featuring the type “Dungeon”. The D&D-centric brings the Dungeon card type to truly capture the old adventuring-feel from the classic table top RPG. Dungeons are surely going to be a large part of this set, and players are excited to see more about this new card type.

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Go Exploring With Dungeons

Of course with any good dungeon, there isn’t only one room to explore. Players can utilize the new dungeon cards with the help of other cards and a new mechanic. Cards with the rules text “venture into the dungeon” allows players to grab a dungeon from outside the game and place it into the Command Zone. Once a player has started a dungeon, they can’t select a new one until the first is complete. The only way to finish a dungeon is to play even more cards that “venture into the dungeon”. Don’t worry about needing duplicate dungeons, players only need one copy of the card to play it.

New Card Type Dungeon
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

The one extremely important note for dungeons is that they do not go inside the actual deck. That’s right, there is a new Standard-legal card type that will affect the game from outside the battlefield. Much like Companions from Ikoria, dungeons are accessible as long as they have cards that “venture into the dungeon”. Because they don’t directly affect deckbuilding, dungeons will be incredibly easy to get involved in the match. Decks will need plenty of copies of “venturing” cards however, as the dungeons contain several different areas with varying degrees of value.

As spoiler season comes around, players will have their sights set on the power level of the individual “venturing” cards. If the cards that create dungeons are individually powerful, this new expansion could be another extremely powerful set akin to Throne of Eldraine. If not, these dungeons may feel much more similar to the Lesson/Learn cards from Strixhaven. Players will find out soon enough as more cards are revealed next week.


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Featured image courtesy of Chris Rahn and Wizards of the Coast

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