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How to Get the MTGA New Capenna Sleeves

MTGA New Capenna Sleeves

Everyone loves to personalize their decks in Magic: The Gathering. Card sleeves are one of the easiest ways a player can customize their deck, and truly make it their own. Luckily for playes on Magic: The Gathering Arena, there are tons of card sleeves to choose from. Every new set comes along with a batch of free sleeves, and with New Capenna right around the corner, players can now rep their favorite crime-city faction.

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New Capenna revolves around five major crime families that work together to control the city their way. Players can choose their allegiance to a family by equipping one of their sigils as a card sleeve. While players may not know how to grab these new sleeves, it is quite easy and takes just a few moments.

How To Get the MTGA New Capenna Sleeves

Much like redeeming anything on MTGA, players will need to head over to the “Store” tab from the main menu. There, players should find the “Redeem Code” field in the top right of the client. Here is where players will want to type in the following codes to grab the corresponding sleeve.

Obscura Sleeve: InformationIsPower

Maestros Sleeve: CrimeIsAnArtForm

Riveteers Sleeve: AlwaysFinishTheJob

Cabaretti Sleeve: FunIsntFree

Brokers Sleeve: ReadTheFinePrint

The codes should have no spaces, and capitalization does not matter. Once the code is typed in, hit enter, and players should see a new sleeve pop up on their screen. With the release of New Capenna in just a week, make sure to grab these sleeves to bling out those draft decks.

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