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How to Check the MTGA Server Status

MTGA server status

There is nothing worse than disconnecting in the middle of a match. Most people don’t think to check the MTGA server status before starting a match, but usually after big updates it’s important to look before jumping in. The best way to check is heading on over to the MTG Arena Status website to see what’s happening over on the Wizards’ side of things.

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The MTGA server status site highlights what features of MTGA should be up and running. Interestingly enough, the server status page shows almost every aspect of MTGA, even if it’s a functionality that most people wouldn’t notice if it went down. Along with showing if Magic Arena still has match making and marketplace functionality, there are also monitors on the social tools of Arena as well. This probably means there is a non-zero chance players can play matches of Arena without the ability to challenge friends online.

How Often Does MTGA Go Down?

The most common reason as to why players will see the server status as down is due to maintenance. Maintenance windows are typically announced weeks in advance. These can occur whenever a new set is introduced to the game, or just to fix some bugs that players may come across. Down times caused to maintenance usually don’t take long. Typically these updates take a few hours at low traffic times. The server status site also describes any past or upcoming outages.

Luckily Wizards of the Coast know that players want answers as to why a game can’t be played. The status page is a great tool to have bookmarked in case something looks off about MTGA. Next time MTGA looks to be struggling, head on over to the MTGA server status page to see what’s happening.

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