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An Early Look at Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Mechanics, Cards and More

Just under a month until Kamigawa Neon Dynasty is officially released, and players are gearing up for an exciting spoiler season to kick off. Spoiler season typically takes two weeks to fully reveal all the cards from the upcoming set, with different outlets revealing new cards every day. To announced the start of every players favorite part of the year, Wizards of the Coast will host a stream to go over the details of Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. Viewers can anticipate some story notes, some mechanic breakdowns and best of all, new card reveals. In case people couldn’t tune in for the live stream, TGH has all the important bits for MTG players to check out here.

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The Story so Far

1200 years after the first visit to Kamigawa, the plane has completely evolved after the Kami War. Technology has improved greatly, and the world is facing new challenges that come along with the advancements.

The story focuses around Kaito, a planeswalker that is furiously searching for the missing emperor of Kamigawa. In his journeys he meets up with Tamiyo, runs into Tezzeret by accident, and has to battle Jin-Gitaxias face to face. Yes that’s correct, Jin-Gitaxias is on Kamigawa – for the time being at least.

New Mechanics


Ninjutsu is back, because of course it would be. Ninjutsu is one of the most loved abilities from the original Kamigawa, and it fits the ninja-flavor of the latest set.


Channel also makes a second appearance, and  players may are hoping these cards will be a bit more playable this time around.


Modified is a new keyword in Kamigawa Neon Dynasty that described a creature that is enchanted, attached to an equipment or owns a counter of some sort.


A brand new mechanic called “Reconfigure” is ushered into the game with Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. Reconfigure allows a creature to become an equipment, that can attach to another creature.

Double Faced Sagas

Sagas make a return in Neon Dynasty, but this time with a new twist. These sagas will flip on the third lore-counter into a creature.

Other Card Reveals


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