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All the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoilers From the Weekly MTG Stream

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoilers

Under the towering buildings and the blinding lights of Towashi is a young planeswalker looking to find a long lost friend. Kaito is the nimble protagonist in Kamigawa Neon Dynasty, a new character in the massive Magic: The Gathering universe. Earlier on Thursday, December 16, Wizards of the Coast unveiled a new story featuring the latest planeswalker ahead of the much anticipated Weekly MTG stream later that day. Players are eagerly waiting for the weekly stream as the MTG team announced that there may be a few Kamigawa Neon Dynasty spoilers in this edition of the show.

When it comes to Wizards and saying something may happen, audiences can rest easy knowing that something will definitely happen. Here are the spoilers that players received during the Weekly MTG stream.

Kaito Shizuki
Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Spoilers

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Atushi, the Blazing Sky

Atushi, the Blazing Sky is the first dragon revealed for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Throughout the stream, the team mentioned that there will be a cycle of legendary dragons similar to the first visit to Kamigawa. Atushi is a direct descendant to the previous Kamigawa dragon Ryusei.

Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos

Hidetsugu is back and meaner than ever. This is the same Hidetsugu from the first Kamigawa set, but this time around he is fused with an evil kami.

Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos — Neon Ink Version

These new “Neon Ink” versions of Hidetsugu are additonial versions of the card, but with varying rarities. Blue is the most common, while red is the most rare. The Neon Ink treatment is a new type of foil for players to collect. The yellow iteration of Hidetsugu will be a store promo for upcoming events.

Brand New Full-Art Lands

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Featured image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

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