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Magic the Gathering

A First Look at the Magic: The Gathering 2022 Roadmap

Magic: the Gathering 2022 Roadmap

On Tuesday August 24, Wizards of the Coast revealed their plans for the upcoming year for Magic: the Gathering. In the Magic Showcase 2021 stream, members of the Magic development walked through the upcoming sets and products that Wizards has in store. There is plenty to get excited for when it comes to 2022 and players are already discussing their hopes and expectations for the upcoming releases.

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A look at 2022
Magic 2022 Roadmap
Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

First and foremost, the stream dived into the pillar of Magic: the Gathering –  the standard booster sets. There are four brand new sets coming out in 2022. Each set is planned for a different quarter, giving players ample time to play and test out all new cards. In 2022, players are heading back to two familiar planes with all new stories, and one completely new environment to explore.

In the first part of the 2022 players are heading back to Kamigawa in the form of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Audiences are transported to Kamigawa as it is 2000 years after Saviors of Kamigawa.  Following up is the unique new plane of New Capenna. Streets of New Capenna is a gangster-style set that features new shard-based gangs, all vying for control of the plane.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

In the second half of 2022, Magic players are headed home to Dominaria. Starting off with Dominaria, people are getting the chance to revisit where Magic began. But things aren’t peaceful for long. The Brothers War closes out the year, as the story of Mishra and Urza gets it’s own spotlight in the form of a standard set.

Other New Entries into Magic

Alongside the basic standard sets are a whole handful of new cards and products. Mark Rosewater appeared on stream to announce a new Un-Set titled “Unfinity”. This space-themed set will be all fun and all silver-bordered. Unfinity is slated for a second quarter release date. Players also are excited to hear that Double Masters 2022, Jumpstart 2022, and plenty of Secret Lair drops are scheduled for next year.

Last but not least was the discussion around the Magic: the Gathering Netflix show. The show is announced to be on track, with scripts and audio recording already complete. The new animated show is focused around Gideon and his adventures in the multiverse. The story is paired alongside a new novel, that is slated to be available at the same time as the Netflix show premiere.

2022 is truly shaping up to be a big year for Magic: the Gathering.

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