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5 Top Cards from MTG Alchemy So Far

Top Cards from MTG Alchemy

Whether players wanted it or not, Alchemy is here and it is impacting several formats on Magic Arena. Alchemy is the latest format that is exclusively available online. The goal of the format was to offer an alternative to Standard to allow players, who are a bit exhausted from the stable meta, explore different decks with all new cards. While the format did provide another option for players, the cards from Alchemy may just be a bit too strong across the board. There are several new rares and mythics to choose from, so players need to be careful with their wildcards. Here are the Top Cards from MTG Alchemy everyone should grab.

5. Sanguine Brushstroke

Sanguine Brushstroke


Get used to seeing this card as one of the Top Cards from MTG Alchemy, because it just may be a common pick for quite some time. Sanguine Brushstroke is one of those cards that just builds the deck itself. Combined with The Meathook Massacre, Sanguine Brushstroke serves as the second piece in a very lethal aristocrats deck. Sanguine Brushstoke creates a situation where Blood tokens become a real threat when they otherwise would only be used to find the next answer. Finally, conjuring up a Blood Artist directly onto the field is what pushes this card over the edge. Having multiple ways to drain the opponent allows the deck to attack from multiple different angles. Until there is a card that exiles creatures and tokens, Sanguine Brushstroke will be a meta staple for weeks to come.

4. Geistchanneler


Good thing Wizards decided to nerf Alrund’s Epiphany for Alchemy, because it was completely dominating Standard. Now people can start playing decks without worrying – wait, hold on. Epiphany actually got better, thanks to Geistchanneler. This human wizard pushes any “big spell” strategy into playability. What makes this card a bit more insane is when it’s paired with any spell recursion. For example, a player could cast a 1-mana Divide by Zero and then bring it back with a Witness the Future to then cast another 1-mana Divide by Zero later down the line. Don’t forget Time Warp is also somehow back into Historic, so don’t be surprised to see infinitely looping 3-mana extra turn spells.

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3. Tenacious Pup

Tenacious Pup

Look at this little guy. An absolute force for aggro decks, Tenacious Pup is a card that feels way stronger than it initially appears. A turn one Pup into a turn two Werewolf Packleader is quite the devastating start. Thanks to its creature type, Tenacious Pup has breathed new life into the werewolf deck that couldn’t quite get there in Standard. Players can choose what creature they want to have gain vigilance and trample, meaning cards like Reckless Stormchaser can become some sort of keyword soup creature. It truly is the perfect card for aggressive decks.

2. Key to the Archive

Key to the Archive

There are plenty of mana rocks in Magic’s history, but none of them provide value quite like Key to the Archive. The Archive spellbook is chalk full of powerful spells that can turn the tide in any matchup. From Time Warp to Lightning Bolt, this card is the perfect control card. Players have yet to really tap into the absurd power of this card. A repeating flicker effect like Teleportation Circle let’s this card to go absolutely bananas. For now, players will need to figure out how to stop this card when it’s paired with Teferi, Who Slows the Sun.

1. Inquisitor Captain

Top Cards from MTG Alchemy

Inquisitor Captain is proof that Wizards hasn’t really learned from Collected Company. It allows a player to find two random cards and always choose the best of the two for any given situation. The card is wildly flexible, and allows for an incredibly wide variety of different decks. Clerics, humans, mono-white – all of these decks are happy to welcome in this brand new Alchemy card. Players are already slotting in multiple copies of Glasspool Mimic in hopes to copy the captain and create more seek effects. At the moment, Inquisitor Captain is the most versatile and most dangerous card to come out of Alchemy: Innistrad.

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