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5 MTG Gift Ideas for the Magic Player Who Doesn’t Need Cards

MTG Gift Ideas

The holiday season is never easy. Grabbing gifts for family friends is stressful and tricky, especially when nothing calls out as a “great gift”. Those who are getting gifts for a Magic player, their job is usually pretty simple – just buy more Magic cards. But that isn’t fun or exciting or creative. There is a wide variety  MTG gift ideas that may slip people’s minds. The Game Haus is here to help – here are just a few gift ideas to make this year’s holiday shopping just a bit easier


Brand New Playmat

While not every player uses one, playmats make for awesome gifts. Playmats are a great way to really bring some personality to a Magic event. They are usually the first thing people see when players set up for a game, and everyone knows first impressions are important. A custom playmat can be great because it lets a player have something truly unique that gets plenty of use. Best of all they don’t take up much space and are super easy to clean.

Custom Deckbox

Just like a playmat, deck boxes are always great additions to any Magic player’s collection. No one wants to have their deck held together by an elastic band, so almost ever magic player has a deck box. However the only problem is that most standard deck boxes are a bit bland. They are typically just one solid color and made from plastic. Talk about blending in. But when someone comes up to the table with an out-of-this-world stylish deck box, everyone in the room takes notice. There are a ton of excellent stores that offer custom deck boxes, making it possible to order a new deck box to any design.

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Specialty Dice

People love to collect things. It’s just one of those things that rings true no matter the time or place in the world. Some people love to collect rare stamps while others love to collect different type of keyboard caps for their desktop. In the same vein, some people are obsessed with high-end dice. Not every Magic player loves dice, but they are something every Magic should have at the ready during a match. Recently more cards have demanded players to roll a 20-sided die, making the classic D&D item more necessary for Magic. Dice are an easy gift to grab because they are incredibly helpful in any Magic deck. Whether it is to track loyalty on a planeswalker or just to set a reminder on an upkeep step – give dice a second look for a gift this holiday season.

Hand Drawn Tokens

Whether they are a casual Commander player or a long-time spike – every Magic player has that one card that they love. Sometimes that card creates tokens, and they will need to find some generic item to represent that token. Cards like Lingering Souls, Monastery Mentor and Bitterblossom are all fan-favorites that produce tokens and force a player to always have some on hand. For this holiday, it’s time to spice up their token collection with some custom-made tokens for their favorite cards.

Carrying Bag

Now that the person in-mind has all of their Magic goods, they need something to help bring it all to the store. Grabbing a new bag for all their Magic items is a good catch-all type of gift that is sure to brighten someone’s holiday. A new bag not only is great for heading to a store to play, but also serves a good spot to store cards when it’s not time to play. Then of course a fancy new bag is just great in general. Something with plenty of pockets and a comfortable strap should do the trick.

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