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3 Decks to Try Out on Midnight Hunt Release Day

The harvest season is here, and the days are growing shorter. The beasts and monsters of Innistrad are gearing up for a prolonged season of night, thanks to the death of Archangel Avacyn. The Day/Night balance is out of sync and the humans of the plane are preparing the Celestus to shift things back towards normalcy. The Midnight Hunt release day is here, and it’s time to pick a side between to decide the fate of Innistrad.

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On September 16, Midnight Hunt is available on Magic: The Gathering Arena. Players get their chance to try out all the latest cards from the new set, in an completely new Standard environment. Cards won’t be measured up to the incredibly high standards from the previous sets. Check out just a few potential lists to try out on the Midnight Hunt release day.


Izzet Delver

Fading Hope

4x Delver of Secrets
4x Prismari Apprentice
4x Symmetry Mage
4x Umara Mystic
Non-Creature Spells
4x Consider
2x Disdainful Stroke
4x Fading Hope
4x Frostbite
4x Otherworldy Gaze
4x Play With Fire
2x Prismari Command
8x Snow-Covered Island
8x Snow-Covered Mountain
4x Riverglide Pathway

One of the most iconic creatures from Innistrad is back. Delver of Secrets returns for another run at Standard and players could not be more excited. The aggressive blue creature enters Standard at an interesting time. Most creatures couldn’t survive with Bonecrusher Giant running rampant, and Delver would certainly be a prime target for Stomp. However the time has finally come for the Throne of Eldraine staple, and now it is time for some new decks to shine.

The goal for Izzet delver is to stick one of the few elusive threats onto the board, and get in that damage fast. Delver of Secrets and Symmetry are the early game beaters, with Prismari Apprentice and Umara Mystic serving as the late game tools to sneak that last bit of damage across. The deck is packed full of instants so that Delver can flip as early as possible. The fun side-effect of having so many cheap instants is that there always feels like there’s something to do with this list.

UB Decayed

Champion of the PerishedJadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia

4x Bladestiched Skaab
4x Champion of the Perished
3x Gisa, Glorious Resurrector
3x Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
4x Poppet Stitcher
4x Tainted Adversary
Non-Creature Spells
1x Corpse Cobble
4x Deadly Dispute
4x Eaten Alive
2x Ghoulish Procession
3x Infernal Grasp
10x Island
4x Shipwreck Marsh
10x Swamp

Nothing really screams “Innistrad” quite like a horde of zombies. In this go around zombies have a new keyword “decayed”, preventing them from blocking and seeing them fall apart after attacking. The downside is rough, but these zombies are coming out in droves. Creatures in Innistrad are able to create a ton of zombies. Jadar and Ghoulish Procession are a solid combination that can put pressure on the opponent’s life total extremely early. Poppet Stitcher adds additional value for the kill spells, and synergizes pretty well with Gisa as a late game pair to end the game.

The zombie deck gets the added benefit of having access to a whole handful of removal spells. With Infernal Grasp and Eaten Alive being extremely cheap, this deck has interaction to survive any Mono-Green Stompy shell. Tainted Adversary is the big end-game bomb for this deck. Adversary can single handedly flip the board state on it’s head. At eight mana, Tainted Adversary comes down with an additional four bodies and eight power. This deck could use some tuning, but already zombies look like a solid tribe for Standard.

GW Humans

Sigarda, Champion of LightFateful Absence

4x Augur of Autumn
1x Blade Historian
4x Briarbridge Tracker
2x Elite Spellbinder
4x Intrepid Adverary
4x Luminarch Aspirant
2x Maja, Bretaguard Protector
3x Sigarda, Champion of Light
Non-Creature Spells
4x Fateful Absence
4x Portable Hole
4x Ranger’s Class
4x Branchloft Pathway
8x Forest
4x Overgrown Farmland
8x Plains
While zombies are trying to break out of their crypts and werewolves are wreaking havoc at every turn, the humans are just trying to survive. It’s tough being a human on this plane, but luckily with the help of Archangel Sigarda they can put up a fight. There are plenty of powerful human cards in Standard, and Innistrad has given the green and white plenty of new tools to find a place in the meta.
“Coven” is the new keyword in Innistrad, and it takes a bit of extra steps to get value. Luckily Luminarch Aspirant is the perfect tool for the job. Aspirant ensures that each turn friendly creatures are adjusting their power to activate Coven bonuses. Elite Spellbinder helps disrupt the enemy gameplan, and Augur of Autumn is a powerful card that allows for the deck to dig deeper in long games. The biggest addition to white decks is Fateful Absence. This card will be cast a lot, so get used to seeing two mana left open against white decks.

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