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NFL Scouting Update: Madden 22

Scouting Update Madden 22

As the NFL offseason continues, The Game Haus looks back at the NFL scouting update in Madden 22.

Connected Franchise Mode

Connected franchise mode provides players with the opportunity to take complete control of their favorite NFL team; as either a player, coach or team owner. Franchise mode gives players the chance to:

  • Build an NFL team capable of dominating the regular season,
  • Win the SuperBowl and
  • Rebuild their team during the offseason (in hopes of staying on top the following season)

This mode has long been criticized, with frustration over the “staleness” of the mode creating anger in the Madden community. The “Gridiron Notes”, Madden’s official communication stream for updates to the game, stated:

“Last year, we heard your feedback and have worked to make significant changes and deliver on highly requested updates to the mode that brings a new level of control and customization.”.

Scouting System Update

Image courtesy of EA Sports

Building on the core components of connected franchise, recent updates provide players with features never seen before such as:

  • The option to hire and fire a complete NFL scouting staff
  • Ability to assign scouting staff members to different regions of the nation to scout college players
  • Revamping of scouting reports for college players
  • Introduction of different character scenarios impacting the draft stock of college players
  • Mock drafts reflecting the interest teams have in players over the course of a season

So does this mode give players the chance to draft the next Tom Brady (6th round)? The arrival of the Madden 22 scouting feature was received well from fans of the connected franchise mode; with additional tuning and updates allowing fans to continue to enjoy the game mode over the season. Whether trying to rebuild a team, looking for the next franchise quarterback or digging for the hidden gem in the later round of the NFL Draft, the scouting updates to Madden 22 allow players to scout (and potentially draft) rookies who can change the course of a franchise. Hitting on a 78 overall player rating running back in the 4th round, or trading up for the 83 overall rated defensive tackle gives players the ability to scout in-depth for the next Offensive or Defensive Rookie-of-the-Year.

Additional Franchise Mode Updates

Image courtesy of EA Sports

As the passion and high interest of the Madden gaming community’s connected franchise feature continues to drive EA Sports in delivering monthly gaming and tuning updates, it will be interesting to see how this gaming mode continues to develop. With Madden features such as “The Yard” (a sport gaming experience with elements of the classic “NFL Blitz” series) and Ultimate Team (fantasy-based team option allowing players to control both current and legendary players), the pressure is on for EA to appeal to both casual players and deliver the experience hardcore fans of the series have long desired.

With the NFL wrapping up the NFL combine and player scouting focus moving to College Pro Days, a deep dive in the Madden 22 scouting update will continue.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports

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