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Madden 22: Most Overrated Miami Dolphins

Madden 22 Miami Dolphins

The Madden 22 ratings have finally been unveiled. As always, there are some questionable ratings for players on every single team. In this series, TGH writers will give their opinions on the most overrated and underrated players on each roster

Here are the players on the Miami Dolphins that have been the most underrated by Madden 22

Jakeem Grant Sr.

Jakeem Grant Sr. is rated as 74 overall in Madden 22. Grant is a speedy wide receiver that can make short passes and manage to get a fair amount yards after the catch. This is also true with some of his longer receptions, too. Grant is on the smaller side for a wide receiver at 5-foot-7, weighing 171 pounds. His size and speed make him very elusive on the field and can make it hard for defenders to catch him.

The reason he is overrated in this iteration of the game is that he does not produce much as one would think. He had 373 yards in 2020 and only one touchdown. His career high in touchdowns during a season is 2. Madden rated him higher because of his speed and open field ability. Some may disagree with this take on Grant, as a lot of people believe he is underrated but it feels like he underperforms when gets on the field based on his stats.

Madden 22 Rating: 74

Adjusted Rating: 71 (-3)

Elandon Roberts

Elandon Roberts is 71 overall in Madden 22. He is a sizable linebacker, standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 238 pounds. Roberts has great vision on the field and is most known for his run stopping. He had 8 tackles for a loss in his 2020 campaign. He is also a very tough player and has a work ethic on the practice and during games.

Madden 22 Miami Dolphins
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So why is he overrated? Elandon Roberts only had 48 solo tackles in the 2020 season. He also missed 13 tackles last season. He needs to be more consistent tackling, which will make him more reliable as a linebacker. Roberts does usually get in the mix when it comes to combination tackling as he had 61 on the year. PFF statistics has Roberts’ overall grade at a 29 out of 100. The linebacker is still pretty young, and can still improve over his next few years in the NFL, though.

Madden Rating: 71

Adjusted Rating: 69 (-2)

Jaylen Waddle

Jaylen Waddle was a stud at Alabama. He is well known for his speed and he is a fantastic route runner. Yes, Waddle has not played a game in the NFL yet, but he his 76 overall rating is still too high. There are some receivers that have played snaps in the NFL and have worse ratings than this. Devonta Smith, who won the Heisman at Alabama has a 75 overall.

If one looks at his stats at Alabama he has never had a 1,000-yard receiving year. He got close during his freshmen year with 848 receiving yards but he has only gone down in his receiving yard production as his career went on at Alabama. Most recently, in 2020 he had 591 receiving yards  and 4 touchdowns. Waddle is electrifying at punt returns, as he has the ability to run the ball back for either a touchdown or get his team in great field position. This skill may have Brought him up from being a 75 where a lot of first round rookies stand at the moment in the Madden game.

It is way too early to have waddle up at a 76 overall, when we have not seen what he can do as an NFL receiver. Yes, this is a very bold take on Waddle, as NFL experts have really high hopes on him.

Madden Rating: 76

Adjusted Rating: 74 (-2)

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