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Madden 21 Questionable Ratings: Washington Football Team

Madden 21 Questionable Ratings: Washington Football Team

EA Sports’ Madden franchise has the daunting task of ranking all NFL players and their attributes. While they have the ability to correct these rankings with in-season roster updates, there are some issues with the initial rankings of players. So, The Game Haus will be analyzing the most questionable ratings for players on every NFL team.

Here are the most questionable Madden 21 ratings for the Washington Football Team.

Terry McLaurin – 82

Madden 21 Questionable Ratings: Washington Football Team
Terry McLaurin breaks the rookie record. (Photo courtesy of

During this past season, Terry McLaurin went on to obtain 919 yards and seven touchdowns on 58 receptions.

His 919 receiving yards ranked 32nd among all receivers/tight ends that year. Yet, many don’t realize this number could have realistically been 200-300 yards higher.

There were multiple instances in which McLaurin was overthrown while having beaten the opposing team’s cornerback/free safety.

It is safe to say that if the team was able to find stability at the quarterback position, then better chemistry could’ve been had between said quarterback and the receiver. One must also consider that during a lot of the season McLaurin faced double coverage as the Washington Football Team was severely lacking in the wide receiver department.

Adjusted Rating – 86

Derrius Guice – 81

Madden 21 Questionable Ratings: Washington Football Team
Derrius Guice at the Washington Redskins training facility. (Photo courtesy of Mark Gormus of the Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Guice is a running back built to shed tackles, while also holding deceptive quickness/speed. He is also a threat when catching passes from the backfield. However, this only matters if he is capable of staying on the field.

During his first two seasons in the league, he has only managed to participate in five games in total. In that span, he has compiled 245 rushing yards on 42 attempts. He has also managed to obtain 79 receiving yards on seven catches.

So, clearly, the rating given is based on what the player can do when healthy.

The main issue with this is the league hasn’t seen enough of Derrius Guice to understand what he is, or is not capable of doing long term when healthy. For this reason, someone like Guice shouldn’t be given a higher rating than the entire 2020 NFL Draft class. Rather, it should be on par with what they receive.

Given that the highest-rated rookie (Chase Young) received an 80 overall rating and has already received comparisons to a future NFL Hall of Fame player in Julius Peppers, a similar rating cannot be given to Guice.

Adjusted Rating – 77

Dwayne Haskins – 70

Madden 21 Questionable Ratings: Washington Football Team
Dwayne Haskins throws a pass at the Redskins training camp back in 2019. (Photo courtesy of

During Haskins’s rookie season he struggled at times. He threw for seven touchdowns, seven interceptions, and 1,365 yards. On paper these numbers don’t look great. However, one must consider the series of events that led to him struggling early in his career.

For starters, he was drafted by an organization whose head coach didn’t believe in him. During training camp, he wasn’t given reps with the first or second string receiving group consistently. Then, Case Keenum struggled as the teams starting quarterback and Colt McCoy got injured.

As a result, Haskins was forced to play in a situation in which he didn’t even have a full understanding of the team’s offense. The team wasn’t of much assistance to him in solving the problem, as they had arguably one of the weakest receiving cores and offensive lines in the NFL.

As a result during his first two NFL games, Haskins would throw for zero touchdowns and four interceptions. Then over the next three games, he would throw for three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Over Haskins’s final two starts he threw for four touchdowns and zero interceptions. Given that Haskins had a 72 overall rating in Madden 20, it’s hard to understand how his rating regressed while he made progressions throughout the season statistically speaking.

When most rookies are given opportunities to start one shouldn’t look for them to be immediately successful, unless they are put in a favorable situation. Instead, their season’s success should be determined by their ability to make adjustments when they see something isn’t working.

Adjusted Rating – 76

Featured Image courtesy of Washington Football Team

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