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When is Legends of Runeterra Coming to Mobile?

when is legends of runeterra coming out on mobile

While the PC-only beta is currently in play, there are still questions remaining about the game’s actual launch, including its availability on mobile. While Riot’s auto-battler, TFT, has already come out with its pre-download link for mobile. Runeterra, on the other hand, has yet to release anything on that front.

And now we wait

That is likely because Legends of Runeterra still has a while before it will come out on mobile. The announcement in mid-January stated that the game’s mobile release and official launch would happen “later in 2020” with no exact date given. Considering how much else is happening with League of Legends this year and this mode still being in its open beta, this author expects a release on mobile sometime in Fall 2020. This, however, is pure speculation.

In the meantime, to get fully ready for the game’s coming Open Beta, be sure to head to and make an account. This will give players access to the Open Beta on January 24 to play on PC. After that, simply download the game and get playing on the Open Beta as we await the full release on mobile and PC later in 2020. The Game Haus will continue to provide news and updates until then.


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