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Legends of Runeterra

Whats New in the Cosmic Creation Expansion for Legends of Runeterra

Cosmic Creation Legends Runeterra

The final expansion for Call of the Mountain is here. “Cosmic Creation” is the last expansion for Legend of Runeterra’s latest set, and it comes along with 40 new cards and three new champions. Along with new cards, Cosmic Creation features plenty of new collectibles, expedition archetypes, and band new Prismatic Card Styles.

[Check out the new Cosmic Creation champions: Riven, Viktor, and Zoe]

Prismatic Card Styles and Essence

Coming in with Cosmic Creation, is the ability for players to customize their cards. Players can upgrade their cards to Prismatic status to show off their rank or just to add a bit of flair to their deck. Once one copy of a card is upgraded, all copies of the card will be upgraded – so players won’t need to worry about using essence to have three matches copies.

Cosmic Creation Legends Runeterra
Courtesy of Riot Games

Essence is a new type of resource that players use to craft Prismatic cards. Players can earn Essence from Prismatic chests in the form of Essence Pouches. The cost to upgrade cards with Essence varies with each different rarity. Players can also use coins to directly upgrade a card to a Prismatic as well. Once a card is made Prismatic, it is permanent. There will be an option to toggle Prismatics off and on down the line.

This is Riot’s first step into custom card styles. They plan to invent even more ways to show off cards in the future.

Collectibles and Bundles

There are plenty of goodies for players to earn and purchase with the latest patch for Legends of Runeterra. With the addition of three new champion cards, the Region Roads will be increased as well for each of the champion’s regions. This will hopefully help players earn the new champions if players are going for the “free-to-play” route. There are also two new card-backs for players to check out – The Exile, and Zaun.

Cosmic Creation Legends Runeterra
Courtesy of Riot Games

Players can now purchase the Zaun Bundle and the Forged for Battle Bundle in the store. The Zaun Bundle includes the new Undercity Board, a Nyandroid Von Yipp Guardian, and Bundle-exclusive Calculated Creations Icon. The Forged for Battle Bundle is a pre-constructed deck looking to make the most of the synergies between Riven and Taric.

And of course, the new champions come along with new emotes.

Cosmic Creation
Courtesy of Riot Games

Grab all of the latest new cosmetics and collectibles when Cosmic Creation is released December 16.

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