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Legends of Runeterra

What is the Release Date for LOR’s A Curious Journey Expansion?

A Curious Journey Release Date

Legends of Runeterra is set to welcome in some new champions later this month. The newest expansion “A Curious Journey” follows the adventures of Ava and their adventure through the realm of Runeterra. The latest announcement is accompanied by a short clip that teases some potential new cards for the upcoming expansion. A Curious Journey will be the first new expansion of 2022.

As mentioned on the announcement Tweet, A Curious Journey is slated for a February 16 release. Prior to the official release, Legends of Runeterra will slowly showcase the newest cards from the set. The short video highlights two new champions that are sure to join the collectible card game. Gnar and Yuumi appear to be the next two champions on the list to enter Legends of Runeterra. So far, players have yet to see what the latest champs will look like as cards.

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A new expansion couldn’t come at a better time for LoR players. At the moment the meta has appeared to settle with a few top decks reigning supreme over the rest of the field. Ahri and Kennen have taken the game by storm with their powerful synergies and their plethora of protection spells. The timely A Curious Journey release date will most likely ease the worries of ranked players.

The spoiler season is here for A Curious Journey, and players are already getting a glimpse at some of the latest additions to the game. Legends of Runeterra brewers can get their creative juices flowing as cards roll in.

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