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What is the Empires of the Ascended Release Date?

Empires Ascended Release Date

On January 8, Riot Games opened the year with an exciting live stream announcing their plans for the year. Alongside League of Legends and TFT announcements, Legends of Runeterra fans received a roadmap for highlighting the games content schedule. In that roadmap is a cursory glance of when players can expect certain expansions. The first one coming to Legends of Runeterra in 2021 is the introduction of Shurima with the Empire of the Ascended expansion. While players didn’t have the exact release date, today Riot finally revealed the day players can play with the new set of cards.

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Empires of the Ascended is slated to be released on March 3. The early March release date is good news for players, as it appears Riot is solidly on course to stay true to the 2021 roadmap. Empires of the Ascended will welcome in a new region to Legends of Runeterra. The region of Shurima will feature nine new champions. With their deep connection to the region, players are sure to expect fan-favorites like Nasus, Renekton, and Azir to join the Legends of Runeterra roster.

Not only are there new champions, but there are 110 new cards to build around. With so many new cards players can certainly expect a few new keywords as well. Players won’t have to wait too long to see some new cards. Leading up to the official release date, cards will slowly be revealed to the public via various social channels. Mark see to keep an eye out for any and all new content leading up to the official release date.


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