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Legends of Runeterra

What are the Potential New Champions in Beyond the Bandlewood?

Potential champions beyond bandlewood

With every new expansion, Legends of Runeterra players can get excited knowing that there will be a new batch of champion cards. The new Bandle City region has plenty of options to choose from in terms of new champion cards. The interesting part will be seeing new champions from other regions joining the game with the new set. What champions could players see? Here is a short list of potential champions in Beyond the Bandlewood.

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It is only a matter of time that Vi’s police partner would join Legends of Runeterra. Caitlyn is a shoe-in for joining LoR, as she is the epitome of Piltover and Zaun. She also is prominently featured in the latest short highlighting the new expansion. Players can almost be certain that the long-ranged detective will join the ranks of the Piltover and Zaun region.

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While Senna is already in Legends of Runeterra, she does not yet have her own Champion card. Now that she is a full-fledged champion in League of Legends, it’s only fair that Senna receives an official champion card. Senna was also pivotal in the recent “Ruination” event, and as a main character, it would be a tragedy if Senna didn’t receive her own card in this expansion.

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Sion would be quite the interesting add to Legends of Runeterra. The undying giant would make for a perfect fit in the Noxian play style of relentlessly attacking the opponent. Sion appears in the recent animated short as just a picture in a book. Seeing as this book allows the featured yordle to travel the world, it would make sense that players could see Sion make a visit to Legends of Runeterra.

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There would be no greater disservice to Bandle City than to leave out the miniature master of evil himself. Veigar would make a great champion in Legends of Runeterra, as he shares a very common iconic trait with Nasus. Veigar could be another infinitely scaling champion focusing on slaying opponents with spell cards. If Veigar does join LoR, it means players also get all of his great voice lines as well.

Potential champions beyond bandlewood
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Players were a bit bummed to see Xerath miss out on the Shurima expansion. As one of the most iconic characters from the region, it makes sense that players would be disappointed to not see Xerath in the game. However it looks like those clamoring for more mages in Legends of Runeterra may just have their way. Like Sion and Senna, Xerath was briefly featured in the travel book. potentially signaling an appearance sooner rather than later.

Potential champions beyond bandlewood
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Last and certainly not least is Ziggs. The explosive extraordinaire is primed and ready to make a mark on LoR. Seen crafting up something rather deadly in his lab, Ziggs is the last yordle champion to appear in the animated short. As a fan favorite, it makes sense to add Ziggs to Legends of Runeterra. Ziggs could equally be one of the new multi-region champion cards coming out this set.

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