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Legends of Runeterra

Viktor Marches his Machines into Legends of Runeterra

Viktor Legends of Runeterra

On December 8, players got a first glimpse one of the new champions to join the Legends of Runeterra roster. Viktor, the Machine Herald, makes his way out of the Fields of Justice and into the boards of Legends of Runeterra. He is the first of three new champions to be revealed in the latest expansion, “Cosmic Creation”.

Viktor is the latest entry into the Piltover and Zaun region. Always looking to upgrade, Viktor features a brand new keyword called “Augment”. Viktor and other allies with the new keyword will gain +1/+0 whenever their owner plays a created card. Create the best version of Viktor by constantly upgrading his Death Ray.

Viktor Legends of Runeterra
Courtesy of Riot Games

Viktor wants players to always have the option to create cards. If the player can keep a steady stream of new, created cards, Viktor is sure to have the firepower to take down any opponent. Piltover and Zaun have plenty of ways to draw cards and find new inventive ways to make Viktor grow in power, but it’s the stars of Targon that may be the key to unlocking Viktor’s true potential.

Viktor is one of three new champions to join Legends of Runeterra in “Cosmic Creation”. The new expansion will be available to players on December 16. Check out the other new champions here.

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