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The Roadmap for LoR 2020 and 2021

During an earlier development update, Riot Games revealed that there would be a schedule for new regions and cards to be released. This schedule would begin in August of 2020 with a brand new region. Then two months after that there would be new cards added and again two months after that. This would be a cycle that would continue for a bit. Sounds a bit confusing right? Well now, in the latest update for Season of Fortune, the roadmap for 2020 and 2021 was finally revealed.

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“At that point, ranked seasons will also line up with those releases (and share their names), forming a natural rhythm of bimonthly expansion-seasons which introduce new cards, content, and feature that change the way you play.”

This year will finish with a new Region and two new batches of cards. Then 2021 will officially start the new yearly schedule. Each of these chunks of time will add up to a season which seems to mean ranked reset of some type will accompany them.

What is interesting is that in the original announcement, it seemed as though this schedule would be indefinite. Instead, it looks like the LoR dev team wants to make sure that there are options available to them after 2021. Another thing worth noting is that, so far, it looks at though working from home due to COVID-19 has not kept them from staying on track. This is impressive considering just about everything else has been pushed back in one way or another.

This is a good way to keep everyone informed. All players will know when to look forward to new content and when to prepare for new ranked seasons. With this much content coming, it is hard to say that the dev team is not committed to keeping things fresh.

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