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Legends of Runeterra

The New Legends of Runeterra Region Will be Shurima

Legends of Runeterra Shurima

The Legends of Runeterra environment is always expanding. Coming into the new year, the Legends of Runeterra team revealed their roadmap for 2021. The schedule features new champions, new cosmetics, and of course, a new region. Next to join Legends of Runeterra is the region of Shurima.

Legends of Runeterra Shurima
Courtesy of Riot Games

The desert lands of Shurima are filled with a deep and rich history. The past of Shurima is shrouded in a bit of mystery for League of Legends players, as the region is home to unique characters like Azir and Xerath. Without much story behind the characters, Legends of Runeterra can now expand the story past the brief character lore of old.

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The region of Shurima will bring with it new cards, new champions, and new keywords. With all regions, the champions will be introduced a bit closer to the actual release date. According to the roadmap, players can expect the new expansion to drop in June. There will be an additional expansion later on in the year, similar to the way sets were added in 2020.

There is a large list of characters that could be good candidates for Shurima-associated champion cards. Nasus and Reneketon are surely locks for the expansion, as they are some of the oldest and most iconic champions affiliated with the region. Potentially players could see the two foes fit together in one cohesive Shurima-centric deck.

It’s exciting to speculate what new keywords players can see. There could be treasure hunting and exploring on the horizon, as players learn more about the historic region that is Shurima.

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