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Legends of Runeterra

Riven Dashes into the Legends of Runeterra Lineup

Riven Legends of Runeterra

With Legends of Runeterra’s latest expansion, comes one of Riot’s most iconic heroes of League of Legends. The “Cosmic Creation” expansion welcomes Riven as one of the latest new champions to Riot’s card game. Riven was first revealed to join Legends of Runeterra on December 14, accompanied by a brief champion showcase.

Riven is a 3-cost champion as a part of the Noxus region. Just as she does on the Fields of Justice, Riven uses her reforged sword to deal tons of damage. Unfortunately her trusty sword came to the new game in pieces, and players will need to rebuild the Blade of the Exile in order to level up Riven. Unlike other Noxian champions, Riven doesn’t need to deal damage or damage other allies to gain strength. Building her iconic blade will be enough to give her the strength to turn the tide of battle.

Riven Legends of Runeterra
Courtesy of Riot Games

As a champion that relies heavily on casting cards and buffing units, Riven would fit perfectly in spell-oriented decks. Paired with a card like Lee Sin or Zed, Riven could easily slot into a few set strategies already thanks to her cheap casting cost. With the addition of Survival Skills, Riven may even sneak her way into some discard and aggro strategies.

Riven is one of three new champions to join Legends of Runeterra in “Cosmic Creation”. The new expansion will be available to players on December 16. Check out the other new champions here.

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